Project Details

Project Name : Dental Beauty Clinic

Location : Mashhad

Architect : MohammadTaghi Bagheri

Date : 2020

Status : Built

Staff this project :

Sareh Pourghorban

Hossein Alizadeh

Zahra Shamsabadi

Samaneh Alipour

Mohammadjavad mohed

Mohammad Pezeshkyian

Mohsen Molaei

Photo : Studio Nimkat


Pain and high waiting hours, exacerbated by claustrophobia (fear of confinement), are a major design issue. Therefore, the main goal of the architectural design of this office was to avoid the stereotypical, cold and generally stressful environment of the usual medical environments and to create a relaxing, calm and beautiful space. In search of a new space experience. To create this new atmosphere, a new and forward-looking image was needed. Also, the desire to create a prominent space in the city, the space of reflection, leads to the discovery of the importance of silence and spaces that are apparently empty but full of life. Inspired by the human smile and the anatomy and shape of the teeth, this atmosphere has moved towards the production of shells with free, fluid and curved forms. To combat the phenomenon of claustrophobia, the space of the units is kept free and the curved lines contribute to its spatial continuity and size. Also, each unit uses natural light as a transparent space. The white color, which evokes purity and the ideal color of the teeth, is chosen as the base color and the wall is separated from the floor in gray, which helps to extend the space. Bright colors, curved shapes and indirect light, along with the unique furniture of this space, with their fluidity, create a sense of calm and balance for patients and medical staff. Why use abstract forms of tooth anatomy and smile curves is to create a relationship between the client's subconscious and the ultimate goal of this space. To enhance this quality, an interactive scenario of hidden light forms and lines was used in the patient referral process during treatment. At the beginning of the arrival, which is accompanied by a sense of strangeness, the yellow light shows forms with curved smiles. Upon entering the treatment space, where the expectation of a clean space comes to mind, the light line of the LEDs changes to white. After the treatment and when leaving the space, the light line of the LEDs becomes natural color. As if nothing had happened.